Exposed French Maid Set With Open Cup Bra

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Knock, knock. Who's there? Maid. Maid who? Maid your lover's chin started the floor with this super-skimpy, oh-so-saucy, ooh-la-la outfit! (With jokes that good, we really should be on the telly.) Grab your feather duster, polish your pillow talk and indulge your most attractive French Maid fantasies while wearing this 5 piece costume which contains every aspect you have to have for a steamy night of' accouplement'. The set carries a sheer mini (and we mean' mini') skirt, G-string, receptive cup bra, choker and matching cuffs. Given in a normal black and white colourway, the outfit has flirty black satin bows and also white lace frills aplenty. Accomplish your look with a pair of black stockings.

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