Mighty Badge Do-It-Yourself Laser Name Badge Kit

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Do-it-yourself Name Badge Kit lets you produce modified, professional-looking label badges on the area with any sort of laser printer. Name badges look more like they are for ever engraved, but are in reality personalized with clear or bright-white label inserts. The system is made up of NamePrint Graphics; proprietary, simple, Microsoft licensed design software; 10 silver-colored iron plates (1" x 3"); 10 uncommon earth magnetic fasteners; 10 patented Lenscovers; and four printable insert sheets with 20 distinct inserts on every single sheet (two obvious and two bright white). The inserts easily can be removed the insert sheet which usually could be put through your printer several times, according to the amount of label badges you need to make each time. Set up includes adequate supplies to make 10 name badges as well as, in the coming years, change your design another 70 times. Make a total of 80 badge designs.

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