Clorox Odor Defense Air & Fabric Spray

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Enhance your cleaning process by definitely eliminating odors between cleanings and take on your most challenging, smelliest bad odors with Odor Defense Air and Fabric Spray. With ICE technology, this professional clearer is created to immediately identify, make and also eliminate odors from the atmosphere and on fabrics, leaving just a fresh air scent. Odor eliminator is developed for hard and soft surfaces which might be well known for trapping odors. Also, it gets rid of odors on soft, absorbent surfaces like floor covering and also mattresses or even hard, porous surfaces like grout. Lasting system destroys the most challenging bad odors, as well as urine, vomit, feces, mildew, smoke and body odor, for approximately 6 hours. Powerful, nonbleach scent eliminator is great for use in hotels, long-term care equipment, locker rooms, training centers and also high-traffic restrooms.

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