Non-Absorbable Tevdek Sutures By Teleflex, Suture, Tev Grn 2-0 Kt-2 30"

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-Tevdek was the pioneer braided polyester suture unveiled over 35 years ago and originally designed for heart valve implantation. --Heavy PTFE coating and tight weave give minimum friction, making it possible for suture to pass readily through essentially the most friable tissue --Heavy coating in addition takes away used space --Knots slide smoothly. -Polydek is precisely the same strong braided polyester substrate as Tevdek, but with a less heavy PTFE treatment than Tevdek. --Tightly braided Polydek is lightly coated with PTFE and controls and ties just like silk. --Smoother, more powerful, in addition to an endurance product than silk. -Cottony II certainly is the uncoated variation of the polyester suture. --Mechanical softening operation tends to make the polyester Cottony II sutures feel as soft and smooth as cotton. Specifications Values Packaging 36 Each / label Manuf_Supplier Teleflex Medical Manuf_Supplier_Num 79-744 Assorted Sizes 755_50_20_20 Color Yes Dressing Type 42312201 GTIN HCPCS HCPCS Code: NO CODE - PRODUCT Does not MEET HCPCS SPECIFICATIONS

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