Jack Links Adult Sasquatch Costume

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Feed Your Wild SideCan you think it? Your wild side is growling! It's that inner voice inside you that informs you of to get out into the wilderness for a hike. It's that feeling deep down which usually shows you to camp out in the woods. It's the unmistakable craving which often makes you are wanting to howl like an animal and beat your chest like Sasquatch. Well, don't ignore it. Feed it!When you dress as the Jack Link's Sasquatch, something magical happens. It may help you feed that growling untamed side that's been hiding at bay inside of you!Design & DetailsNow, you can draw on your inner Sasquatch by wearing this specific Jack Link's Sasquatch Costume. The officially licensed costume starts off with an extremely thorough jumpsuit that's covered in a layer of thick brown faux fur. The front incorporates a molded vinyl chest plot which often recreates Sasquatch's well-toned muscles. If you think on getting Sasquatch, then you're most likely to need to have a mask as well! The only one integrated using this costume has reasonable molded details and also a solid layer of faux fur which often matches the jumpsuit. Last but not least, the vinyl gloves as well as feet have your transformation accomplish.

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