Photon Freedom Micro Led Keychain Flashlight, Black Body (Most Popular), White Beam (Most Popular)

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The best to use, most amazing, full-featured LED micro-light available! Single-button process delivers total range brightness charge in addition to safe keeping strobe beacons. In full water resistant and agreeable with the widely used Photon hands-free clip & necklace clip goodies (sold separately). All set for virtually any daily need or perhaps disaster, the Photon Freedom Micro personal flashlight features simple, easy-to-use single-button operation to produce prompt, access which is easy to the functions you choose most, with more mode controls offered only when you need them. Choose from 3 different body styles/colors and approximately 10 LED beam colors such as specialty Ultraviolet & Infrared beams. Covert version available. The covert product features a long cover in the LED to eliminate glare and provide more discreet use. Great for anything from military special-ops to looking through a system in a darkened theater without disturbing your neighborhood friends. simple & Intuitive single-button process -- Easy operation despite having gloves. Instant full electric power on/off at any point in time Full range brightness control. 4 Safety modes: Slow - Medium - Fast - SOS. Signal / Morse Code setting Brightest LEDs on the market -- Plenty of light to provide light for any kind of course, or to light a complete room in the house. White LED conservatively regarded at 4.5 Lumens*, however, actual output is somewhat higher. Waterproof -- waterproof to IPX-7 standards. 18 Hour Run Time -- Energizer lithium batteries supply long lasting system even when it's in sub-zero temperatures. Replaceable Batteries -- Quick, easy battery replacement. Weighs in at only 7 grams -- micro size & weight to travel together with you anywhere you go. Ultra-Tough -- Intended to live through serious use! The combination of Photon's one of a kind glass-filled polyurethane framework & unbreakable LED bulb make for a practically indestructible light. 24k gold-plating on all battery & switch connections assures rock-solid reliability. Rapid release keyring -- Photon rapid release keyring hooks up to gear as well as keychain for access which is easy. Accessories Available (sold separately) -- Freedom Micro is compatible with: Photon Hands-Free Clip & Necklace clip Photon Smart Grip Finger Fastener Photon Picatinny Gun Rail Mount Produced in USA -- Hand-built in Blachly, Oregon. Made from US & foreign sections. Guaranteed -- Photon Lifetime Guarantee *LRI has not performed any official ANSI testing for lumen production, however in our somewhat unscientific testing in a dark area, the output is just like competitor's lamps promoted in the 10-14 lumen range. // Micro-Light Feature Comparison (Click to expand) Better Together: Add the multi-purpose Photon Hands-Free Clip for convenient hands-free use. Video clips to cap, pack, laptop computer, clothing, etc. to allow hands-free use Powerful magnetic base for a lot more usefulness Rotates 360 Horizontally & 180 Vertically Corrosion Proof; Nylon & Stainless Steel Construction DEMO MODE: The Photon Freedom Micro is sent in a "demo" function which will turn the light off on auto-pilot after several seconds (to defend from being started up & left on while being heavy with a store shelf). For first-time make use of, journalists and hold the key for around 20 minutes (until the mild turns off) to disable this specific demo mode.

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