Lego Child Blue Brick Costume

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All Across the Living RoomThere they sit. Patiently waiting in the living room area for your bare feet to carelessly step on them so that they can bring in you into a world of discomfort. It's some of those compact squares with studs in them.Yes, you've probably seen Lego pieces which include the business person out of this costume before! Often, they're strewn across the living room area floor after your child has expelled his entire bucket of them onto the floor. And even you've even had the displeasure of "finding" a rogue condition with your foot at a later date in the day time. The nice thing is that Legos motivate your child to develop spatial reasoning skills, while at the same helping to put together their creative skills. You truly couldn't ask for an improved toy for your child to have fun with... even if your foot doesn't usually agree!Fun DetailsThis basic Lego Brick costume allows your child assume the task of their favorite toy. It is accompanied by a blue tunic upper part that is shaped much like the iconic Lego piece. It has 8 studs on the face, which make it look like the 2 by 4 piece. Your child can wear it over their normal clothes, since it has large openings for your child's legs, arms, and head. Naturally, the best part about this specific costume is always that you won't mistakenly step on it along with your empty foot!For Kids and AdultJust bear in mind building blocks don't be forced to be just for youngsters! Whenever you see your child all dressed up in this Lego costume, you could be fondly reminded of the time once you previously used to play along with the building blocks. We carry Lego costumes for adults too, so that you can completely unite with your kid on a clever adventure. In the end, the family which often plays together, stays together!

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